Albert John "Bert" Moore 28 March 1919 in Liettinna, Tasmania,  Australia - 30 Jun 1987 on Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
4th son of Albert Edward Moore and Rose Elizabeth Jenkins.

married  16 Jun 1944
St Johns Church of England, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

                                         Betty Lanham 25 Feb 1924 in Launceston, Tasmania Australia
eldest daughter of
Thomas Stephen Lanham and Isabella Crawford

Moore and Lanham ancestry lineage at end of this page
Bert Moore entered life as the 6th child for Ally and Liz Moore, They lived on a property at Liettinna near Scottsdale in Tasmania Australia. Liettina is a small rural community which in the Depression years, before World War II, had a church,a school and a community Hall. Life revolved around the working farms and the social events catered by local families. My father's sister, Margaret tells of The Moore family contribution each year to the social calendar was to host a Bonfire on Empire Day (24th May). All the children worked hard for weeks, gathering wood to produce a gigantic "stack' which would burn during the course of the day when all came to celebrate.
It is difficult to imagine the kind of life country families. lived during the 1920's and 30's, from the comfort of our chairs in front of TV's with dishwashers in the kitchen, mobile phones and computers. Indeed my Aunt Margaret recounts a story where her brother George, bought one of the first radios in the district that they may all hear about the progress of a murder enquiry and subsequent trial. The radio was powered by battery which was disconnected when not in use to preserve the power.

The air industry was still very young, recalled by my Dad (Bert) as a great aviation event when Bert Hinkler came with his small plane for all to see.
Cinema was introduced during the 1920's. Black and white silent movies with a pianist sitting in front of the screen to give acoustic ambiance.
In 1933 my father, Bert left Tasmania to join his brothers Bob and Gordon in Victoria where they worked on various properties for the next few years as farm labourers. Their mother heard little of or about them during these years as young men they moved from place to place. Bert was in Sydney living with an aunt, Eve Eppleston nee Collins just after the outbreak of World War II and just in after his 21st birthday. 24th May 1940 at St Martins Place in Sydney , New South Wales, Albert John Moore joins the 2/17th Battalion number  NX17128

2/17th Battalion  sourced at:
The 2/17th Infantry Battalion was formed on 26 April 1940 at Ingleburn army camp, south-west of Liverpool, as part of the 20th Brigade of the newly formed 7th Division. The 2/17th did its basic training at Ingleburn, before marching to Bathurst army camp for subunit field training.
In October 1940 the 20th Brigade sailed from Sydney Harbour to the Middle East. The brigade transferred to the newly formed 9th Division en route to Egypt, arriving in the Middle East in November. In early March 1941 the 2/17th relieved subunits of the 6th Division destined for Greece in the foremost defences near Mersa Brega, east of Tripoli.
After German forces landed at Tripoli to bolster the Italians, they soon advanced to the east. The 2/17th was involved in a general withdrawal of British forces to Tobruk. When the Axis made a major attack to capture Tobruk at Easter, the 2/17th held against German tanks and remained in position with engaging enemy infantry. The German tanks were destroyed by artillery and supporting arms. Corporal John Hurst Edmondson was posthumously awarded Australia's first Victoria Cross, for the Second World War, for his involvement in the battle.

Tobruk was under siege for over eight months.

During this time, the remaining 9th Division was successfully relieved by the 70th British Division, arriving by units in stages by sea to Alexandria and by land to Palestine.

The 2/17th moved to Hill 69, near Gaza, between 20 and 27 October 1941. They remained there for the rest of the year. In the first half of 1942 the battalion undertook training in Lebanon and Syria.

The war in North Africa became critical for the British Eighth Army in early-July 1942. German and Italian forces reached the vicinity of El Alamein in Egypt, about 100 miles north of the capital. The 9th Division moved to the area from Syria and held the northern sector in protracted defence for almost four months, while the British prepared for an offensive under new command.

The 2/17th reached the forward defences in mid-July. After an excursion with 20th Brigade to block enemy threat in the south the battalion moved to the forward defended locality of Tel El Eisa in early-August. For over two months the 2/17th observed enemy defences, before moving to a reserve training area in preparation for the Battle of El Alamein. The battalion performed with great distinction throughout the battle from 23 October to 5 November 1942.
The 9th Division was recalled from the Middle East to face the Japanese encroachment in the Pacific Islands which threatened Australia. The 2/17 left Suez aboard the Acquitania on 27 January 1943 and disembarked from Sydney on 27 February.
After leave and jungle training on the Atherton Tablelands in Queensland, the battalion embarked for Milne Bay in Papua on 1 August 1943 aboard the Dutch MS Van Heurts and American SS William Ellery Channing. The battalion participated in the amphibious landing of Australian troops at Lae and Finschhafen. It returned to Australia a second time on 10 March 1944 aboard the Clip Fontain and disembarked at Townsville for leave.
The battalion reformed on the Atherton Tablelands and spent the next 13 months training. It was not until the final months of the war the battalion returned to action.

The battalion returned to service but for Sgt Albert John in March 1945 active service was over.
He'd contracted Scrub Typhus in New Guinea, transferred south to Greenslopes Hospital, Brisbane Queensland and then to the Army
Hospital in Campbell Town, Tamania.
Less than 1% of the men who contracted this disease survived.

a few "Rats of Tobruk" Sgt Bert Moore centre back
After the war years the Australian government offered service personnel, retraining programmes. With a wife, Betty, a daughter Gaele Dian and another child (Christine Osma) on the way, Bert became an apprentice carpenter. With a little help from his mates and a pregnant wife, ration book in hand,  to line up for supplies as they became available, Bert built his first home leading to a career as a Master Builder. 
2 Leslie Place, Launceston,                       Bert & Betty Moore & family                     Tasmania                                                   - home 1947 -1960.
His work included, schools, hospitals, the first cinema complex in Launceston and of course many houses.
Circumstances created choices and in December 1960 Bert & Betty with their 4 girls,
Gaele Dian (1945), Christine Osma (1947), Cheryl Eve (1949) & Kathryn Betty (1956) left Tasmania for Queensland
Bert with his 4 daughters in December 1960, sitting on the steps of "The Playhouse". built in the backyard of 2 Leslie Place. "The Playhouse" was shifted to 'The Currie" on the Lanham family beach property as an addition to "The Hut"
Queensland saw Bert's commercial life grow as well as introducing into the family as son, Mikael John.
This photo was taken at Mikael John's christening, St Paul's Church of England, Ashgrove Queensland in late 1963
Christmas 1982 shows an even greater increase in family size to include son in laws and grandchildren
Five of the 10 great grandchildren at the memorial Wall, Albany Creek on 16 April 2009
Albert John "Bert" & Betty Moore
Betty Moore nee Lanham still resides in Queensland Australia.
This photo was taken Christmas 2005 in Bali, Indonesia
An intrepid traveller, there's more of her story still to come.

Betty's connection to Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia may be seen on the Adamsfield pages still underconstruction
service medals for Sgt Albert John Moore
this set, above,  is a replica of the originals, purchased by my sister Christine, as gift for my 60th Birthday, from the Australian War Memorial 
My mother holds in her keeping the original set
Albert John "Bert"; " Bertie Boy"; Poppy partially hidden wearing blue striped shirt back row.
Melinda Elizabeth Leigh (pink shorts and top, holding a doll) 17 sept 1975 - 5 nov 2000
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2/17th battalion Anzac Day, 25 April 1985 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Sgt A J "Bert" Moore - centre front row
Betty "Grandma" with youngest great grandchild, Hayley in  June 2002
Betty with grandsons, Mikael and Debra's boys, Liam and Ethan at christmas 2001
Betty Lanham won a scholarship to High School in 1935. In that cultural time girls "weren't educated." - they went to work. After school completion, Betty worked in the office at Johnstone and Wilmots, in Launceston, Tasmania. She joined the VAD corp, a volunteer nursing group,  in service to the country in World War II

Albert  John Moore
son of Albert Edward Moore & Rose Elizabeth Jenkins

Great Great Great grandparents
Henry Jenkins 1758 - & Mary King 1763 - 1860
                                          (Mary King's line traces back to 1390)
Francis Surman  1727 - 1798 & Elizabeth Doney 1744 -1814
                                           (Francis Surman line traces back to 1660)
Thomas Rose abt 1760  & Edith 1761 -
Thomas Lanfire 1741 - 1818  & Isabella Witts 1776 - 1802
              (Lanfier/Lanfire/Lanfear line traces back to 1500 Languedoc, France)

Great Great Grandparents
Robert Jones 1811 - Eleanor Jones 1813 -
Richard Edwards 1800 - & Mary
John Jenkins 1791 -1886     & Charlotte Elizabeth Surman 1789 - 1869
Thomas Dunstan  & Jane Palmer
Henry Rose  1795 -1844  & Sarah Osman 1809 -1884
William Lanfear 1790 -1871 & Sarah Rouse 1776 -1841

Great grandparents
George Moore 1811-1856 & Mary Symmonds (Simmons) 1816 -
Robert Jones 1835 -1919  & Margaret Edwards 1834 -1906
Thomas Perrin Surman Jenkins 1812-1882& Louisa Jane Dunstan 1820 -1895
William Rose 1840 -   & Emily Jane Lanfier (Lanfear) 1841 -

George Alfred Francis Moore 1851 -1926 & Mary Ann Jones 1857-1929
Francis Jenkins 1852 -1887  & Alice Emma Rose 1869- 1947

Albert John Siblings:

Doreen Merle Moore    1911 - 1999
Gladys Olive Moore    1913 - 2002
Robert Francis Moore 1914 - 2003
Gordon Albert Moore  1916 - 1943
George Henry Moore  1917 -2001
Francis James Moore 1920 - 1956
Noel Leslie  Moore     1922 -1941
Margaret Mary Moore 1927 -

Betty's siblings:

Paddy Lanham              1919 -1923
Ivo "Mick" Lanham         1921 - 1976
Osma Lanham 
William Stephen Lanham 1934 - 2004

Betty Moore
daughter of Thomas Stephen Lanham & Isabella Crawford

Great great Grandparents
Andrew Goodwin 1765 - 1858 & Lydia (Letitia) Munro 1767 -1856
                                                 (Goodwin line trace back to mid 1600s)
William Leviston 1755 -   & Margaret Leslie 1760 -
Thomas Champion  1770 - & Elizabeth Bennett 1779 -
                                (line traced back one more generation each partner)
William Lanham 1723 -1782  & Mary Slade 1732 -1782
                                                        (Lanham line traces back to 1600)

Great Great Gandparents
Henry Lanham  1760 - 1820  & Amy Sayers 1775 -
William James Leviston 1781 - 1857  & Jane Victoria Champion 1794 - 1878
Robert Nathan Williams 1807 -  1876 & Clarissa Bridges 1806 -
Andrew (Goodwin) Gooding 1811 - 1885  & Lydia Hynes 1804 - 1858
John Brebner 1785 - & Isabel

Great Grandparents
William Stephen Martin Lanham 1807 - 1889  & Maria Leviston 1823 - 1883
John Williams 1822 - 1908    & Elizabeth Anne Gooding 1835 - 1923
Thomas Crawford 1811 - 1896   & Elizabeth Smith nee Jones 1827 - 1902
John Brebner Robertson 1815 - 1901 & Mary Ann Rennie 1830 - 1910

William Stephen S M Lanham  1858 - 1930   &
                                           Elizabeth Susan  Williams 1866 - 1968
John Crawford  1856 - 1940 & Ann Christina Brebner Robertson 1861 - 1902
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