Family of Bill and Liz Lanham of Wellington St., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

                                                William Stephen Stamford Martin Lanham
                                    son of  William Stephen Martin Lanham and Maria Leviston
                                        12 Jun 1858 Smythes Creek, Victoria, Australia
                                                                          - 17 Jul 1930 Fitzgerald, Tasmania, Australia
                                                                Index to Births, Deaths & Marriages in "The Examiner", Volume 4, 1926-1930 ,
                                                                              Age given as 72); Husband of Elizabeth LANHAM, 18th & 19th July 1930 Editions.
                                                               Carr Villa Memorial Park Trust, Burial & Cremation Records 1905 - 2001 ,
                                                                 Age given as (72), B7/234 - [1/2].

                                                       married 17 Apr 1886
                                                     in Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                                                    Tasmanian Pioneer Index 1803 - 1899 ,
                                                                       Groom's age given as (26), Bride's as (21), 1886/604/37.

                                                     Elizabeth Susan Williams
                                                        daughter of John Williams and Elizabeth Gooding
                                                               17 September 1866 Campbelltown, Tasmania,  Australia -
                                                      14 Jan 1968 at Cosgrove Park, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Barney, Tom, Ron, Clarrie and Nell Lanham
Bill and Liz Lanham
Prior to his death Bill Lanham had been living and working alongside his son and daughter-in-law, Tom & Bella Lanham at Adamsfield, Tasmania

In July 1925 the local paper announced the Stacey Brothers of the Tasman Peninsula had discovered Osmiridium at Adams Rivulet in the south-east of Tasmania. So began the story of Adamsfield, a mining camp that soon became home to over 2000 workers and yet was abandoned within thirty years of settlement.
The towns of Adamsfield and Gordonvale were built to house the miners, their families and associated businesses resulting from the discovery and mining of Osmiridium, a mineral worth approximatley seven times that of gold in the decades leading up to the second world war. Osmiridium, a naturally occuring mineral, was used to manufacture fountain pen nibs, poisonous gases and jewellery. It was also used for medical and dental purposes and later in the electronics industry.

At the time of Bill's death the population of Adamsfield was about 1500
The story of Adamsfield may be found on the Adamsfield pages still under construction

Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia,
Latitude/Longitude: -42.855342/146.234039
To travel in and out of Adamsfield it was necessary to go by horse. Very small carts but the way was very rough and not well defined. When an inhabitant was hurt they were carried out on gurneys by a team of men. So it was with Bill Lanham. 
The following verse was penned by M. J. O'Reilly "Mulga Mick" and is included in his book "The Pinnacle Road" printed by The Monotone Art printers Pty Ltd. Liverpool St, Hobart Tasmania in 1936

An Old Prospector Goes West
(the following lines have ben penned in memory of Bill Lanham, a genuine old prospector who died on the track while being carried out from Adamsfield)

Vale, old friend we sadly miss you, and your cheery smiles;
We little thought the Reaper was so nigh,
As e trudged along behind you through those long and weary miles
From Adamsfield along the corduroy.

For forty years or longer you have chased the rainbow's end,
In mining fields you've borne an honest name;
and thousands of us Diggers were ever proud to call you friend
Because we knew you always played the game

Now we know St Peter will greet you and be glad your face to see,
In that land where all are happy gay and bright,
As he greets all dinkum diggers, whate'er their creed may be,
and their only passport is their Miner's Rights.

When Old Admsfield is finished and the pioneers are gone,
and we Ossie Diggers all have passsed away;
Our children's childrens voices will be raised in praise of one
Whom with aching hearts we mourn for, here today.

(the corduroy track was created by lining logs up over the swampy road
Digger is a name coined after 25 April 1915 to refer to the bravery and intrepedness of Australians )

The years after her husband's death Liz, Mar as she was known to not only us, her descendants but all who knew her thorugh her gracery store in Wellington Rd, Launceston. (nowadays a Coles supermarket is on the corner of Balfour St and Wellington Rd). She kept herself busy taking into her care my mother Betty Lanham and brother Mick (Ivo) Lanham. They lived with "Mar' for six years while their parents, Tom and Belle Lanham continued at Adamsfield. On the land at the back (or back garden) of her shop and home "Mar' had a cottage or what these days woudl be called a 'granny flat". Many family members started their marital lives living here at Wellington St. Launceston, including my parents with me as the new baby and then toddler)

Elizabeth Susan Lanham nee Williams a Great grand-daughter to First Fleeters Andrew Goodwin and Lydia Munro died in Jan 1968 at 102 years 'young' . She continued being 'busy', crocheting and knitting


                               Children of Bill and Lizzie (nee Williams) Lanham

1. Alfred John "Barney" Lanham
born:9 dec 1888 Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia  died: 1956 Victoria Australia
                                             married: 10 may 1915
                                      Lefroy near Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                                   Lucy Gibbons 1897 - 1973
                        daughter of  Thomas William Gibbons & Alice Maude Easther
                      Barney & Lucy had 6 children, Enid, Stephen, Maxie, Alfred, Noel & Lawrie
2.Thomas Stephen "Tom or Paddy" Lanham
born: 19 May 1889  in Lefroy Tasmania Australia -   died: 24 Jun 1964 in Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                                married: 10 sep 1918
                          Holy Trinity, cameron St. Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                          Isabella Crawford 1900 -1978
                   daughter of John Crawford & Ann Christina Brebner Robertson
                        Tom & Bella had 5 children, Paddy, Mick, Betty, Osma & Bill

2. William David Stamford Lanham
born: 09 Sep 1891  Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia          died: 18 Mar 1892  Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia

3. David Stamford Lanham
born: 19 Mar 1893 LefroyTasmania Australia
died: 11 Aug 1893 LefroyTasmania Australia

4.Clarence George Lanham
  born: 25 sep 1898 Lefroy near Launceston Tasmania Australia  Died: 1965 Collingwood Victoria Australia
                                                married: 17 oct 1923
                                            Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                                              Dulcie Sylvia Verona Lowe 1902
                                  daughter of Arthur Frederick Lowe & Sarah Little
                                                                 Clarrie & Dulcie had Six children

5. Ronald William "Ron" Lanham
  born: 21 jul 1902 Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia  died: 7 may 1973 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                                                married 14 may 1926
                             St Paul's Anglican Church, Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                          Thurmuthis Elizabeth Anne "Peg" Smith
                               daughter of George Smith and Mary Adeline Catchpole
                                                      Ron & Peg had 2 children, Joan & Alan

6. Ellen Elizabeth "Nell" Lanham
born:  17 sep 1906 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia     died: 29 mar 1973 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
                                              married: 1939 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
                                                      William "Bill" Goodwin abt 1900 - 1969

                                      Bill & Nell Goodwin had two daughters, Helen, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Susan Lanham nee Williams on the 17th September 1966 - aged 100 years
with 5 generations of women
Great grand-daughter Cheryl Ellis (nee Moore daughter of Bert & Betty Moore) nursing great, great grand daughter Michelle Ellis (daughter of Alan & Cheryl Ellis),  grand-daughter Betty Moore (nee Lanham),  great grandson Mikael Moore (son of Bert & Betty Moore) , daughter-in-law Isabella Lanham (nee Crawford)
She celebrated her 100th birthday at a party with relatives from all over Australia at Nazareth House, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
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Ancestry of William Stephen Stamford Martin Lanham

Great great great grandparents
John Lanham 1624

Great great grandparents
Thomas Lanham 1654  - 1718
                 & Elizabeth Scaplin 1655 -
Henry Loxly 1665 -
& Elizabeth Bodenham 1675 -

Great great grandparents
William Lanham 1691 - 1768
                   & Ann Loxly 1697 - 1739
James Champion 1745 -

Great Grandparents                 
William Leviston 1755 -    & Margaret Leslie 1760 -
Thomas Champion  1770 - & Elizabeth Bennett 1779 -
  William Lanham 1723 -1782  & Mary Slade 1732 -1782
Henry Lanham  1760 - 1820  & Amy Sayers 1775 -
William James Leviston 1781 - 1857 
                 & Jane Victoria Champion 1794 - 1878

William Stephen Martin Lanham 1807 - 1889 
                    & Maria Leviston 1823 - 1883

Siblings of
William Stephen Stamford Martin Lanham (11th child)
1.  Ellen Elizabeth Lanham
born: 30 mar 1842 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
died: 1842 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

2.  William Henry Lanham
born: 30 mar 1842 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
died: 31 may 1842 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

3.  Maria Aimee "Amey" Lanham
born: 12 may 1843 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
                married: (1) 7 mar 1861
Christ Church, Lydiard St,  Ballarat Victoria Australia
                            (1) James William Hunt 1830-1889
                         (2) 3 oct 1893
          St Marys Church, Smythesdale, Victoria Australia
                      (2) John Menhennet 1830 - 1906
died: 17 jan 1923
                Snake Valley, Carngham, Victoria Australia

Amey & James Hunt had 14 children: Albina, Selina, Susannah, Herbert, Walter, Emily, William. Annie, Albert,
Stephen, Mildred, Amey, Vera,& Mabel

4.  David Leslie Lanham
born: 1844 Hobart, Tasmania Australia
                 married: 1876
                  Mary Jane Dowd
died: 20 aug 1899 Launceston, Tasmania Australia

David & Mary Lanham had 8 children: Elizabeth, David, Eva, Isabella, William, Ellen, Bernard, Elizabeth

5.  Martha Jane Lanham
born: 17 may 1845 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
          married: 1865 Australia
      Arthur James Clinton 1828 -1879
died: deceased

Arthur & Martha Clinton had 9 children: Alfred, Margaret, Blanche, William, Jean, Arthur, Clara, Noble & Regina

6.. Thomas Lanham
born: 1846 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
died:  1850 Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

7. Emily Selina Lanham
born: 21 jan 1847 Hobart Tasmania Australia
married: 26 may 1879
at Nine Mile Springs, George Town, Tasmania, Australia
                            Joseph Lee 1858 -192
                    son of John William Lee & Emma Blakey
died: 17 mar 1940 Geelong, Victoria, Australia

John & Emily Lee had 11 children; 
   Martha, William, Thomas, Emma, Christiana, James,                   Alice, Joseph, Gladys, David, Eva

8. James Lanham
born: dec 1849
died: 19 jul 1850

9.Robert Henry Lanham
born: 30 mar 1854
died: abt 1883

10.Ellen Elizabeth Lanham
born: 1855 Clunes, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
married: 1876 Beaufort, Victoria, Australia
                   George Featonby 1854-1933
            son of Newark Featonby & Catherine Liddell
died: 28 aug 1934 Elwood, Victoria, Australia

       Ellen & George Featonby had 11 children;
      William, Thomas, Maria, Annie, Newark, Amy, Alfred,                  George, Stella, Clarence & Eric

11.Emily Lanham
born: 1856 Bunninyong, Victoria, Australia
died:  1878

12.Mary Lanham
born: 1860 Symthes Creek Victoria Australia
died: 1860 Symthes Creek Victoria Australia

13.Annie Lanham
born: 1862
died:  1863

14.Unnamed daughter Lanham
born: 10 aug 1864
died:  10 aug 1864

15.Selina Alice Lanham
born: 1866
died: 1959

Ancestry of Elizabeth Susan Williams

Great Great Great Grandparents
Robert Goodwin aft 1694 - bef 1810
           &  Anne Smith abt 1703 - bef 1816

Great Great Grandparents
Alexander Munro 1751 & Sarah
Samuel Goodwin 1747-1777
             & Mary Waller abt 1752 - bef 1840

Great Grandparents
Andrew Goodwin 1765 - 1858
               & Lydia (Letitia) Munro 1767 -1856

Robert Nathan Williams 1807 -  1876
                  & Clarissa Bridges 1806 -
Andrew (Goodwin) Gooding 1811 - 1885 
                               & Lydia Hynes 1804 - 1858
John Williams 1822 - 1908   
                 & Elizabeth Anne Gooding 1835 - 1923
John & Elizabeth had 12 children

Siblings of Elizabeth Susan Williams (7th child)
1. John Williams
   born: 27 dec 1854 Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia
    died: 18 jun 1862 Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia

2. Andrew James Williams
   born: 24 aug 1856 Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia
              married; 25 jan 1882
           Collingwood Registry Office,  Victoria Australia
                       Sarah Jane Tucker 1861-1900
daughter of William George Tucker & Emma Jane Sweet
    died: 16 feb 1943 Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia

    Andrew & Sarah Williams had 9 children;
        George, James, Charles, Russell, Francis, Leslie,                            Stanley, Gilbert, unnamed child

3. William Williams
   born: 24 jul 1858 Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
died:  21 aug 1858 Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia

4. Lydia Sarah Williams
     born; 8 aug 1859 Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia
             married: 17 jan 1883
                          at Gladstone Tasmania Australia
                  John Rushton 1853 - abt  1945
died: abt 1954 new Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia

         Lydia & John Rushton had 12 children:
      Ernest, Edgar, Ellen, Alfred, John, Lydia, Herbert,                         Clement, Herbert, Ida, David, Mabel

5. Caroline Maria Williams
born: 7 jan 1862 Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia
        married: (1) 8 jan 1883
  Holy Trinity Church, Launceston Tasmania Australia
                      (1) John James Long 1858-1885
son of John Francis Long & Elizabeth McNamara
                      (26 oct ) 1887
             at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                  (2) Thomas Summers 1860-1919
died: 25 nov 1945 Melbourne Victoria  Australia

     John & Caroline Long had 2 children;  John & Arthur
            Thomas & Caroline Summers had 4 children,
                             Albert, Olive, Vera & Leslie

6. Eliza Ann Williams
     born: 10 jul 1864
Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia
               married: 2 may 1883
          at Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
                    William Cutler 1859-1928
     died: 1959
             probably Launceston, Tasmania Australia

           William & Eliza had 11 children:
   Millicent, Lillian, Ida, Camelia,  Cecil, Hazel,                            Gladys, Harold, Frank, Thelma & Rex

7. Lucy Belinda Williams
  born: 9 oct 1868 Campbelltown, Tasmania, Australia
          married: 12 may 1891
                       at Baptist Church Manse,
                   York St., Launceston Tasmania Australia
                    John Fullerton 1867 -1926
died: 5 nov 1962 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Lucy & Joh had 2 sons, Leslie & Malcolm

8. William John Williams
     born: 27 jan 1872
  Reedy Marsh, District of Fingal Tasmania Australia
                      married: 21 nov 1898
                   Fingal, Tasmania, Australia.
           Agnes Dora Targett 1874 -1938
daughter of Sydney Stephen Targett & Jane Gillespie
    died: 10 march 1911
              Beaconsfield, Tasmania, Australia

William & Agnes had 8 children: Agnes, Iris, Sydney, Walter, Gladys, Percy, Stanley & John

9. Margaret Louise Williams
     born: 8 june 1874
               Fingal, Tasmania, Australia.
                      married: 12 jun 1893
               Mathina, Tasmania, Australia
       Thomas Booth abt 1870- dec. South Africa
     died: 1969 South Africa
Thomas & Margaret ahd 2 children, Edward & William

10. Harriet Amelia Williams
     born: 24 march 1877
              Fingal, Tasmania, Australia.
                  married: 1901 Ballarat Victoria  Australia
                 Ernest Donnithorne Lumley 1888 - 1928
                      son of William George Lumley
                                       & ElizabethDonnithorne
     died: 14 aug 1965
               Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Harriet & Ernest had 5 children, William, daughter lived 1day, Cyril, Lucy, & Ernest

11. Alice Florence Jane Williams
      born: 16 oct 1882
               Gladstone Tasmania Australia
                      married: 1 jan  1921
                 South Yarra, Victoria, Australia
       James Andrew "Jimmy" McMahon  1886-1972
        4th son of John McMahon & Mary Costello
     died: 1 jan 1969
Merlynston (now North Coburg), Victoria, Australia

                    Alice & Jim had 2 children

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