Ivo "Mick" Lanham

                      7 Nov 1919 Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                 – 26 dec 1976 Launceston Tasmania Australia
              2nd son of Thomas Stephen Lanham and Isabella Lanham
                              1951 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                                                  Shirley Milburn
                                   Mick & Shirley had 4 children,
                                     Rosemary Joy Medcraft nee Lanham
                                  (9 jun 1952 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia                                         -9 aug 2009  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia),
                                                               David, Ronald & Pauline
                                               11 grandchildren:
                                 Peter, Paul & Michael, Leigh, Samuel,
                                       Ashleigh, Jamie, Trent Lanham,
         Tergan Henderson, Emma Henderson, Wayde Henderson
              great grandchildren: Mia, Ryan, Zeke, Zoe, Max Lanham

                 Service: Australian Army. enlisted 10 apr 1940
                          Service Number: TX1232. in 6th Division  
                                             POW in Germany
World War Two and the Australian 6th Division Petrol Coy
Fellow Australians, it is my melancholy duty to inform you officially, that in consequence of a persistence by Germany in her invasion of Poland, Great Britain has declared war upon her and that as a result, Australia is also at war. 

Prime Minister Robert Menzies spoke these words in his address to the nation on 3 September 1939. World War Two had broken out two days earlier when Germany invaded Poland. After Britain and France declared war on Germany, Australia, part of the British Empire, promptly followed suit. It would be six years before Australia, and the world, was at peace again.  War service would take Australians to virtually every corner of the world. Nearly one million served in the armed services (Navy, Army and Air Force) or Merchant Marine, otherwise known as the Merchant Navy.
excerpt from article at:     http://www.ww2roll.gov.au/doc/overview.asp

The 6th Division Service Corps contained the following companies Supply, Petrol and Ammunition.

North Africa
The 6th Division first saw action in late 1940, against Italian forces in North Africa, in the advance to Benghazi

In June 1940, Italy declared war on the Allies and began to build up forces in Libya. In September 1940, the Italian Tenth Army invaded Egypt, a British colony, threatening Alllied control of the Middle East and most particularly, the Suez Canal and international supply routes. British forces under General Sir Archibald Wavell expelled the Italians from Sidi Barrani and pursued them back towards the Libyan border. In December 1940, the 6th Division was moved forward from training camps around Alexandria to relieve British troops around Bardia and at the end of December they were ordered to prepare to attack.

On 3 January 1941, the first major Australian action of World War II took place, the Battle of Bardia. The 6th Division penetrated the defences of the Italian stronghold. Despite some heavy resistance the town fell to the Australians just two days later. The Australians captured Italian war material as well as thousands of Italian prisoners of war (POWs), many of whom were shipped to prison camps in Australia.

The fighting continued until 5 January when the Italian position had been cut almost into two. The allies took nearly 40,000 Italian prisoners and considerable amounts of enemy weapons, supplies and equipment. The battle for Bardia cost 130 Australian lives with 320 men wounded.

On 22 January 1941, the Italian Tobruk fell to the AIF and 25,000 Italians became prisoners. During January and February 1941, the 6th Division, together with British units, pushed the Italian army back across Libya. The Italian Tenth Army was destroyed.

In early April 1941, the 6th Division was withdrawn from North Africa to defend Greece and replaced by the Australian 9th Division , which took part in the epic Siege of Tobruk between April and November 1941 against Italian and German forces.

Greece and Crete
In March 1941, Prime Minister Robert Menzies, of Australia, with the concurrence of his Cabinet, agreed to the sending of Australian troops to Greece. Both Menzies and the I Corps commander, Lieutenant General Thomas Blamey, felt that the operation was risky and might end in disaster. But Menzies felt that Greece should be supported against German aggression and that the defence of Greece was a "great risk in a good cause".

In Greece, the Australians joined with a New Zealand and British force to defend the country against a threatened German invasion. Hitler was concerned that if Greece became a British ally then oilfields in Romania, on which Germany relied for her fuel, might be open to air attack from Greece. As the Germans were planning an invasion of Russia for June 1941, they could not allow such a threat to their essential oil supplies.

The 6th Division arrived in Greece in early April 1941 and on 6 April the Germans began their invasion of Greece. Despite their efforts, the Allied force, together with Greek units, was unable to halt the rapid German advance down central Greece towards Athens. During the campaign, Brig. George Vasey's 19th Brigade (minus the 2/11th Battalion) was defeated by the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler brigade, at the Battle of Vevi. The 2/4th and 2/8th Battalions became the only Australian Army units to face elite Waffen SS soldiers in combat.The Allies were outflanked by the Germans, and were driven off the Greek mainland. The 19th Brigade Group then took part in the Battle of Crete. More than 3,000 members of the division could not be evacuated, and were taken prisoner in the Greek campaign, including Crete. A great deal of equipment was also lost. Almost immediately, however, the 17th Brigade was detached to take part in the bloody but successful attack on Vichy French forces in the Syria-Lebanon campaign.

Greece and Crete were costly operations for Australia. About 39 per cent of the Australia troops in Greece on 6 April 1941 were either killed, wounded or became prisoners of war. More than 450,000 Greeks died during the next four years of German occupation, nearly 25,000 of them executed for assisting the allies.

source ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_6th_Division
Mick in sep 1945, pictured here with his niece Gaele on his return from Germany as a POW
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Mick and his sister Betty returned from Adamsfield in 1928, to attend Charles St. Primary School school,  living with their  grandmother, Elizabeth Susan "Mar" Lanham at Wellington St, Launceston..  Mick won a scholarship to High School. Tom & Isabella with daughter Osma, returned to Launceston where the family then lived at Bathurst St. (opposite the "Brickfields"). He became  involved with the school in his adult years and was for many years secretary of Churinga, Past Pupils  Association for Launceston High School..

After his repatriation from Army Service he undertook to return to study under the Australian Government's Retraining programme. He went to University in Hobart, becoming an Accountant  The pyschological damage from his years as a POW continued to plague him until his death in 1976

                 Siblings of Ivo "Mick" Lanham
               2nd son of  Tom & Bella Lanham

1.Paddy Lanham 30 April 1919
           at   200 York St, Launceston Tasmania Australia                               - 24 Feb 1923 at Launceston Tasmania Australia

2. Betty Lanham  25 Feb 1924
              at Wellington St., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
               married 16 Jun 1944
St Johns Anglican Church, Launceston Tasmania Australia
                 Albert John Moore 1919-1987
son of Albert Edward Moore & Rose Elizabeth Jenkins

                    5 Children of Bert Moore & Betty Lanham:
                  Gaele, Christine, Cheryl, kathryn & Mikael

3. Osma Lanham 24 Feb 1927
                          in Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
      married 2nd April 1947
                             Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                             Claude Victor Kenworthy 1923 -1991
                                              only child  of 
            Victor Earl Kenworthy & Eileen Beryl Maud Chandler

           3 children of Osma Lanham & Claude Kenworthy:
                              Ray, Graham & Adele

4. William Stephen Lanham
18 Feb 1934 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia -
  -    6 Aug 2004 at Campbell Town, Tasmania Australia
Jan 1962 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (divorced)
                                   Rita Fleming
                     only child of Bill & Rita Lanham, Mark
Goodwin-williams Family Reunion  April 2007
Karen Lanham nee McDermot , Rosemary Medcraft nee Lanham,
David Lanham, Gaele Arnott nee Moore, Osma kenworthy nee Lanham,
Adele Styles nee Kenworthy

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Ancestry of Ivo "Mick" Lanham
second son of Thomas Stephen Lanham & Isabella Crawford
6 x great grandaprents
John Bodenham abt 1610 - & Agnes abt 1615-

5x great grandparents
John Lanham 1624 - Elizabeth 1628 -
William Bodenham 1644 - & Anne Tanner 1650 -

4 x Great grandparents
Thomas Lanham 1654 -1718 & Elizabeth Scaplin 1655 -
Robert Goodwin  abt 1694 - & Anne Smith aft 1703
Henry Loxly 1655 -  & Elizabeth Bodenham 1675 -

Great Great Great grandparents
Samuel Goodwin 1747 - 1777 & Mary Waller abt 1752 - bef 1840
Alexander Munro abt 1751 - & Sarah
James Champion 1741 - & Sarah
William Lanham 1691 - 1768 & Ann Loxly 1697 - 1739
Thomas Bennett 1760- & Elizabeth Dray 1760 -

Great great Grandparents
Andrew Goodwin 1765 - 1858 & Lydia (Letitia) Munro 1767 -1856
                                                 (Goodwin line trace back to mid 1600s)
William Leviston 1755 -   & Margaret Leslie 1760 -
Thomas Champion  1770 - & Elizabeth Bennett 1779 -
                                (line traced back one more generation each partner)
William Lanham 1723 -1782  & Mary Slade 1732 -1782
                                                        (Lanham line traces back to 1600)

Great Great Gandparents
Henry Lanham  1760 - 1820  & Amy Sayers 1775 -
William James Leviston 1781 - 1857  & Jane Victoria Champion 1794 - 1878
Robert Nathan Williams 1807 -  1876 & Clarissa Bridges 1806 -
Andrew (Goodwin) Gooding 1811 - 1885  & Lydia Hynes 1804 - 1858
John Brebner 1785 - & Isabel

Great Grandparents
William Stephen Martin Lanham 1807 - 1889  & Maria Leviston 1823 - 1883
John Williams 1822 - 1908    & Elizabeth Anne Gooding 1835 - 1923
Thomas Crawford 1811 - 1896   & Elizabeth Smith nee Jones 1827 - 1902
John Brebner Robertson 1815 - 1901 & Mary Ann Rennie 1830 - 1910

William Stephen S M Lanham  1858 - 1930   &
                                           Elizabeth Susan  Williams 1866 - 1968
John Crawford  1856 - 1940 & Ann Christina Brebner Robertson 1861 - 1902

parents : Thomas Stephen Lanham & Isabella Crawford

Rosemary Lanham & Paul Medcraft -wedding day