Ancestry of Isabella Crawford

Great Grandparents of Isabella
John Brebner 1785 - & Isabel

Grandparents of Isabella
Thomas Crawford 1811 - 1896 
  & Elizabeth Smith nee Jones 1827 - 1902
John Brebner Robertson 1815 - 1901
             & Mary Ann Rennie 1830 - 1910

Parents of Isabella "Belle" or Dutch"
John Crawford  1856 - 1940
            & Ann Christina Brebner Robertson 1861 - 1902

Isabella's siblings
1. Thomas James Brebner Crawford
  born:   8 feb 1889  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                     married 21 may 1916
    St David's Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
          Alma Barrett  1897 -
                              daughter of
Isaiah Josiah Barrett  &  Edith Henrietta Sarah Challender 
died: 5 oct 1955  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
buried at Bangor, Tasmania, Australia

Tom & Alma had 3 children: Ena, Colin & Fay

2.  John Henry "Jack" Crawford
   born: 28 dec 1890  Launceston,Tasmania Australia
                        married 6 may 1915
All Saints Anglican Church, Bangor, Tasmania Australia
              Esther Harriet Barrett 1894-1971
                                  daughter of
William Charles Barrett & Emma Theophila Murray 
  died: 9 sep 1972 Tasmania Australia

              Jack & Esther had 4 children,
              Geoff, Nancy, Kevin & Ross
3. Andrew Brebner Crawford
  born: 19 nov 1982 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                       married 23 feb 1921
                    Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                       Ruby Newton 1893-1983
  daughter of Edward Elwell Newton & Sarah Goss
died; 16 apr 1957 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Andrew & Ruby Crawford: no children

4. Irene May "Rene" Crawford
  born 9 may 1898 Bangor Tasmania Australia
                         married 7 jul 1917
       Holy Trinity Church, Launceston Tasmania Australia
              John James "Jim" Gearing 1893-1957
      son of John Gearing & Emma Eliza Saunders
died: 7 aug 1984 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Thomas Stephen Lanham Service - Australian Army
Service Number - T34232 12th battalion, Australian Army
Date of embarkation 20 October 1914  HMAT Geelong  Ship number A2
Place of embarkation  Hobart, Tasmania Australia

Tom and Isabella met during a visit to the hospital. Isabella had gone with her sister, Irene "Rene" Crawford to visit the young man her sister was to marry, James "Jim" Gearing. (Rene and Jim were married  7 Jul 1917) In the next bed was Jim's mate, Tom Lanham and so began a lifetime of the ups and downs life brings to each one of us. It is known through the family that Tom never raised his voice to his beloved "Dutch". Realistically we would iamgine that they, like all couples had moments of 'spats'. Certainly in the years of my acquaintance, they were always kind and considerate of one another. Tom had the reputation of being easy 'to anger', but not with Dutch. He was an avid horsebreeder and trainer and raced his horses with love. As children we loved to visit his 'back yard' with his horses and Blacksmiths forge where many came with their horses to have shoes fitted, hoofs treated, chat about feed and methods of care.
Thomas Stephen Lanham, alongside my other grandfather Albert Edward Moore was also involved in the politics of the day. They were both involved in the early days of the Australian Labour Party, both being awarded life long party membership. They both claimed cousinship to Joe Lyons Prime Minister of Australia. ( Joseph Lyons, a Catholic and anti-conscriptionist, who rose to lead the Labour Party into State Government, but became Australia's Prime Minister as a Conservative). So far in my research I have only found relationship as distant cousins for Thomas Stephen Lanham to Joe Lyons. My own love of history and politics stemmed from those times when, as a "flappy-eared kid", I sat quietly listening and absorbing the talk between my two grandfathers. Farvy Tom, as we knew him, had been a heavy smoker and in an effort to 'quit' ate 'minties' which he would as he talked, slowly unwrap and then tear the wrapper/paper into as narrow a strip as possible, rewarding the nearest child with his accomplishment. Meanwhile Nanna, (Isabella) would be cooking in the kitchen. Always a different dish for whomever was present. Everyone's likes and dislikes where food was concerned, was catered to. 
Tuesdays was "Nanna's Day. All the grandchildren would make their way from school to her house. We were allowed to help feed the horses - watch from a respectable distance from the forge as horses were shod and then all have afternoon tea. Afternoon tea was always the same. a current Bun , a cream horn and a drink of cordial.  If you were lucky enough o be home from school on a Tuesday and be there early then a trip to the bakery was inevetiable and an extra treat procured for the 'lucky' child. The bakery was next door to "Mar's" (Elizabeth Susan Lanham) house.  Sometimes we'd call in for a chat where as a child it was a place of wonderment in the old wind up gramophone, the peach tree in the back yard, the afghans knitted and crocheted by Mar and the photos in frames all over the house. Memory recalls the images but sadly technology is not yet at a stage where it can pull those images to this screen to share with you.
In the years of my memory Tom Lanham worked as a Linesmen with the PMG (Post Master General). Today there is no PMG as telecommunications have changed.  His 'hobby' was his horses. I remember from quite an early age going to the races on Saturday. The women always dressed up, the men shared comradeship and jollity, overlooking the stress of the behind the scenes effeciency which precedes each race. The horses rolling in their mud baths after each race, too cool off. Loading the horses into their trailers at the end of the day produced a feeling for "home", pleasure for a job well done. Winning or losing was not an issue - the love of the race and for the horses was more obvious. I'd stayed within touching distance of my Nanna all day, 'flappy eared' wide eyed absorbing stories about which I could write more than 50 years along.
On this page is not included life at Adamsfield. It has a page of it's own where both my grandfathers, great grandfathers and many relatives worked and lived for a number of years.

Thomas Stephen Lanham, Paddy to his mates was in the first wave of Australian servicemen to the shores of Gallipoli at 4.30am on that morning of the 25th April 1915.  Did they memory of ancestors long gone ride with him as he stepped ashore?  Military blood ran through his veins. I often wonder if he knew the names of ancestors of men such as his great grandfather William Leviston, involved in the now famous Rum Rebellion Corp of early colonial days and whose father was also an Irishmen in a British regiment. Did he know of his own father's strand at Eureka and the part played in Australian history at the Eureka Stockade? I'm sure as he became part of Australian history on that cold and foggy morning on April 25, that he didn't know he was descended from two members of Australia's First Fleet. Such knowledge was shameful to share in those days of the early 1900's. Distance of time gives a different perspective of the achievements gained through each generation. He certainly knew of his Irish connections and always 'a little bit of green' to honour his Irish forbears. He loved St Patrick's Day revels.  I wonder if Isabella knew as much of her Scottish ancestry. Both of her grandfathers came from Scottish heritage. I know as a child she often said she didn't know a lot about her mother's family, as her mother Ann Christina Brebner Robertson (1 dec 1862 - jan 1902)  had died when she was a baby with the children being cared for by their father.

The 12th Battalion was among the first infantry units raised for the AIF during the First World War. Half of the battalion was recruited in Tasmania, a quarter was recruited in South Australia, and a quarter from Western Australia. With the 9th, 10th and 11th Battalions it formed the 3rd Brigade.

The battalion was raised within three weeks of the declaration of war in August 1914 and embarked just two months later. After a brief stop in Albany, Western Australia, the battalion proceeded to Egypt, arriving in early December. The 3rd Brigade was the covering force for the ANZAC landing on 25 April 1915 and so was the first ashore at around 4:30 am. Lieutenant Colonel L. F. Clarke, commander of the 12th Battalion, was killed by a sniper within hours of the landing. The battalion was heavily involved in establishing and defending the front line of the ANZAC position, and in August contributed two companies to the attack on Lone Pine. It was the only battalion in the brigade to do so. The 12th served at ANZAC until the evacuation in December.

After the withdrawal from Gallipoli, the 12th Battalion returned to Egypt and, in March 1916, sailed for France and the Western Front. From then until 1918 the battalion took part in bitter trench warfare. The battalion’s first major action in France was at Pozières in the Somme valley in July 1916. After Pozières, the battalion fought at Ypres in Flanders and then returned to the Somme for winter.
In 1917 the battalion took part in the brief advance that followed the German Army’s retreat to the Hindenburg Line. For their valorous actions near Boursies during this advance, Captain J. E. ‘Jim’ Newland, commanding A Company, and Sergeant J. W. Whittle were each awarded the Victoria Cross. The battalion subsequently returned to Belgium to participate in the offensive that became known as the Third Battle of Ypres.

In March and April 1918 the battalion helped to stop the German spring offensive, and later participated in the great allied offensive of 1918, fighting near Amiens on 8 August 1918. This advance by British and empire troops was the greatest success in a single day on the Western Front, one that German General Erich Ludendorff described as “the black day of the German Army in this war”.
The battalion continued operations until late September 1918. At 11 am on 11 November 1918, the guns fell silent. Soon after, the members of the AIF began to return to Australia for demobilisation and discharge

Tom & Bella's residence from 1950 onwards
99 Balfour St. Launceston Tasmania _ heritage Listed
                                                                 Family of  Thomas Stephen Lanham
                                                                                                                    19 May 1889 in Lefroy, Tasmania Australia  -
                                                                                                                                       24 jun 1964 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia 
                                                                2nd son of
                                                                            William Stephen Stamford Martin Lanham     and   Elizabeth Susan Williams

                                                                                                                    married 10th September 1918
                                                                                             at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Cameron St, Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                                         Isabella Crawford
4th D                                                                 4th December 1900  Bangor, Tasmania, Australia
                                                                                                                                      - 3 Oct 1978, Launceston,Tasmania, Australia
                                                                5th child - 2nd daughter of
Holy Trinity Church                                       John Crawford and Ann Christina Brebner Robertson

from the Examiner, Launceston: Saturday 14 September 1918 lanham&searchLimits=
LANHAM - CRAWFORD. A quiet but pretty wedding was celebrated at Holy Trinity Church by Canon de Coetlogon on Tuesday evening, the contracting parties being Mr. Thomas Lanham and Isabel, youngest daughter of Mr. J. Crawford, of Bangor. The bride wore a tailored costume of navy cloth, with white panne velvet hat trimmed with a posy of pink flowers, and carried a bouquet of primroses and maiden-hair fern. She was attended by two bridesmaids, Miss R Newton, (Ruby maried Andy Crawford) and her sister, Miss I, Crawford, (Irene married Jim Gearing) who wore navy coat frocks, with hats of maize satin, and carried posies of white camellias. After the ceremony the wedding party motored to the residence of the bride's brother, Mr. J. Crawford, Invermay Road, where the guests were entertained at a wedding tea, catered for by Mr. C. Crosby, the table looking charming with decorations of spring flowers and ferns in silver vases. The presents received were numerous and costly. Later in the evening the bride and bridegroom left by motor for a country tour.

Isabella Lanham nee Crawford
photo taken Mick & Shirley' wedding 1951
granddaughter Cheryl Moore on her knee
Hobart, Tasmania. 1914-10-14. The 12th Battalion, AIF, marching through the city prior to embarking for service overseas. The mounted officer on the extreme right at the head of the Battalion is Colonel L. F. Clarke who was one of the first officers to be killed in the Gallipoli landing.
More photos and stories on this battalion at
12th Battalion embark on "Geelong" for Egypt, Oct 1914
Captain Ivor Margetts, 12th Battalion
(Tasmania and Western Australia), killed in action at Pozières 23 July 1916.

The war for the men of ANZAC did not finish with Gallipoli campaign, sick, tired and wounded they were sent on to Europe for bombardment, deprivation and disease to come.

More on these battles may be read here:
Captain Ivor Margetts was a beloved officer of the regiment. (His wife and family continued to live in Tasmania.) My grandfather mentions him in his post war diaries and named his second born son in his honour. Ivo "Mick' Lanham was born nov 1918 in Launceston, son of Tom and Belle Lanham, . He too knew the trials and tribultaions of war when he served his country in World War II, captured and became a POW in Germany.

Tom Lanham came back from Gallipoli with different philosophies from those previously held. He was bitter towards the British Establishment and refused ever after to acknowledge the King of England, George V

Tom's diary tells of the men from the 12 battalion, sick, wounded, battle scarred being forced to stand and wait in rain and deep mud, to greet King George V. They stood in formation for four hours, hearts in despair to have the King and Officers drive by without pause or acknowledgement.

Tom went to war as a Christian Protestant then came back from war as an atheist. He, like many young men of his era said that there could be no God, for God would not allow such carnage. He became anti-establishment. Men in charge who should ahve the care and concern of their troops, bowed to "higher" authority and allowed men to be treated as 'less than animals'. His own personal suffering stayed with him all his days. The deep hole in his back an ever present reminder. He'd lain for several days on the battlefield amongst the dead, dying and wounded, stepped over by the few who did care and try to save "mates'. The treatment by the Turksish command was even worse toward their wounded who were simply "left". In an effort to get help the young Turks frequently stole clothing from the bodies of the ANZACS. My grandfather, skin burned dark by the sun, dark hair and eyes not so blue was thought to be a Turk so left while 'mates' carried 'mates' to medical attention. Three days later he was 'discovered'

Thomas Stephen Lanham died on the 24th June 1964 doing what he loved, training one of his horses. He slipped in the sulky, caught his foot while the horse continued to run, couldn't escape and so left this life. Isabella continued without her Tom, until Oct 1978
Thomas Stephen and Isabella Lanham
jan 1962
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Thomas Stephen Lanham and Isabella Crawford's children
1.Paddy Lanham 30 April 1919 at   200 York St, Launceston Tasmania  -
                                                                           24 Feb 1923 at Launceston Tasmania Australia

2. Ivo "Mick Lanham  7 nov 1921 in Launceston, Tasmania Australia -
                                                                           24 Jun 1976 at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
married 18 aug 1951, Presbyterian Church, Sandhill, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Shirley Joy Milbourne, daughter of Stanley Milbourne and Bertha Constance Docking
                  Mick & Shirley had 4 children, Rosemary (dec), David, Ronald, Pauline

3. Betty Lanham  25 Feb 1924 at Wellington St., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
               married 16 Jun 1944 St Johns Anglican Church, Launceston Tasmania Australia
                                                   Albert John Moore 1919-1987
                               son of Albert Edward Moore & Rose Elizabeth Jenkins
              Bert & Betty had five children Gaele, Christine, Cheryl, Kathryn and Mikael

4. Osma Lanham 24 Feb 1927 in Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
             married 2nd April 1947 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                             Claude Victor Kenworthy 1923 -1991
             only child  of  Victor Earl kenworthy & Eileen Beryl Maud Chandler

                        Claude & Osma had three children of  Ray, Graham & Adele

5. William Stephen Lanham 18 Feb 1934 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia -
                                                                           6 Aug 2004 at Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia
              married: Rita Fleming Jan 1962 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (divorced)
                                               only child of Bill & Rita Lanham, Mark

Ancestry of Thomas Stephen Lanham

Great great great great grandparents
Thomas Lanham 1654  - 1718
                  & Elizabeth Scaplin 1655 -
Henry Loxly 1665 -
& Elizabeth Bodenham 1675 -
Robert Goodwin aft 1694 - bef 1810
           &  Anne Smith abt 1703 - bef 1816

Great great great grandparents
William Lanham 1691 - 1768
                   & Ann Loxly 1697 - 1739
Samuel Goodwin 1747-1777
             & Mary Waller abt 1752 - bef 1840
Alexander Munro 1751
             & Sarah
James Champion 1745 -

Great great Grandparents
Andrew Goodwin 1765 - 1858 & Lydia (Letitia) Munro 1767 -1856
William Leviston 1755 -  
                 & Margaret Leslie 1760 -
Thomas Champion  1770 - & Elizabeth Bennett 1779 -
  William Lanham 1723 -1782 
                 & Mary Slade 1732 -1782
Great Gandparents
Henry Lanham  1760 - 1820  & Amy Sayers 1775 -
William James Leviston 1781 - 1857 
                 & Jane Victoria Champion 1794 - 1878
Robert Nathan Williams 1807 -  1876
                  & Clarissa Bridges 1806 -
Andrew (Goodwin) Gooding 1811 - 1885 
                               & Lydia Hynes 1804 - 1858

William Stephen Martin Lanham 1807 - 1889 
                    & Maria Leviston 1823 - 1883
John Williams 1822 - 1908   
                   & Elizabeth Anne Gooding 1835 - 1923

William Stephen S M Lanham  1858 - 1930   
                 &  Elizabeth Susan  Williams 1866 - 1968

Siblings of Tom Lanham
1. Alfred John "Barney" Lanham
born:9 dec 1888 Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia
                       married: 10 may 1915
       Lefroy near Launceston Tasmania Australia
                       Lucy Gibbons 1897 - 1973
                                   daughter of
Thomas William Gibbons & Alice Maude Easther
                     died: 1956 Victoria Australia

2. William David Stamford Lanham
born: 09 Sep 1891  Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia
died:  18 Mar 1892  Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia

3. David Stamford Lanham
born: 19 Mar 1893 LefroyTasmania Australia
died: 11 Aug 1893 LefroyTasmania Australia

4.Clarence George Lanham
  born: 25 sep 1898
         Lefroy near Launceston Tasmania Australia
                       married: 17 oct 1923
                   Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
             Dulcie Sylvia Verona Lowe 1902
  daughter of Arthur Frederick Lowe & Sarah Little
  Died: 1965 Collingwood Victoria Australia

5. Ronald William "Ron" Lanham
  born: 21 jul 1902 Lefroy, Tasmania, Australia
                     married 14 may 1926
                   St Paul's Anglican Church,
              Launceston Tasmania Australia
           Thurmuthis Elizabeth Anne "Peg" Smith
                              daughter of
        George Smith and Mary Adeline Catchpole
   died: 7 may 1973 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Ron & Peg had 2 children Joan & Alan

6. Ellen Elizabeth "Nell" Lanham
born:  17 sep 1906 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
married: 1939 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
William "Bill" Goodwin abt 1900 - 1969
died: 29 mar 1973 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bill & Nell had one daughter and one adopted daughter