Gordon Albert Moore 26 May 1916 in Scottsdale, Tasmania Australia - 11 Jan 1943 at Papua New Guinea
age 26 years
       2nd son of Albert Edward Moore and Rose Elizabeth Jenkins
Australian Army  Service Number TX3067
2/12 Australian Infantry Battallion
                                       PORT MORESBY (BOMANA) WAR CEMETERY, Papua New Guinea.

              married  13 Sept 1939 in Scottsdale, Tasmania Australia

Violet Radford
daughter of George Radford and Mary Ellen Gould

Gordon and Violet have two children,
8 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren
Barbara Dawn Moore

  Richard Gordon Moore
                                                    11 jul 1941 at Carlton, Victoria, Australia  - 6 Jan 2009 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby is home to 3,819 Commonwealth burials of soldiers who fought in the Second World War.
Soldiers who lost their lives fighting in Papua and Bougainville are buried in The Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby. The Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby is home to 3,819 Commonwealth burials of soldiers who fought in the Second World War.
Gordon Albert Moore served in the same battalion as his brother Noel Leslie Moore who was killed in action in the Tobruk campaign. Also from Scottsdale Tasmania was a distant cousin who also served in 2/12 battalion,  Stanley Lloyd French (TX35) killed in action in Tobruk 14 April 1941. Stanley's brother Colin Campbell French (NX153902 (N43872) was killed in action in 26 feb 1945 in Papua New Guinea.  Colin served in a Queensland regiment 2/3 battalion. Stan and Colin were the sons of Allan and Ethel French of Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia. Both were aged 24 years.

Historical Information.

After the Japanese landed at Lae and Salamaua in March 1942, Port Moresby became their chief objective. They decided to attack by sea, and assembled an amphibious expedition for the purpose, which set out early in May, but they were intercepted and heavily defeated by American air and naval forces in the Coral Sea, and what remained of the Japanese expedition returned to Rabaul. After this defeat they decided to advance on Port Moresby overland and the attack was launched from Buna and Gona in September 1942.

Early in 1942, and almost without resistance, the Japanese established a considerable force and developed a useful base on Bougainville, the largest and most northerly of the Solomon Islands. This they held until Americans and Australians began offensive operations towards the end of 1943, when Bougainville was the only one of these islands remaining in Japanese hands. By August 1945, when the Japanese surrendered, most of the island had been recovered.

Those who died in the fighting in Papua and Bougainville are buried in PORT MORESBY (BOMANA) WAR CEMETERY, their graves brought in by the Australian Army Graves Service from burial grounds in the areas where the fighting had taken place. The unidentified soldiers of the United Kingdom forces were all from the Royal Artillery, captured by the Japanese at the fall of Singapore; they died in captivity and were buried on the island of Bailale in the Solomons. These men were later re-buried in a temporary war cemetery at Torokina on Bougainville Island before being transferred to their permanent resting place at Port Moresby.

The cemetery contains 3,819 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War, 702 of them unidentified.

The PORT MORESBY MEMORIAL stands behind the cemetery and commemorates almost 750 men of the Australian Army (including Papua and New Guinea local forces), the Australian Merchant Navy and the Royal Australian Air Force who lost their lives in the operations in Papua and who have no known graves. Men of the Royal Australian Navy who died in the south-west Pacific region, and have no known grave but the sea, are commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial in England, along with many of their comrades of the Royal Navy and of other Commonwealth Naval Forces. 

Bougainville casualties who have no known graves are commemorated on a memorial at Suva, Fiji.

Gordon Albert's siblings:

Doreen Merle Moore    1911 - 1999
Gladys Olive Moore    1913 - 2002
Robert Francis Moore 1914 - 2003
George Henry Moore  1917 -2001
Albert John Moore 1919 -1987
Francis James Moore 1920 - 1956
Noel Leslie  Moore     1922 -1941
Margaret Mary Moore 1927 -

Ancestry for Gordon Albert Moore
son of Albert Edward Moore & Rose Elizabeth Jenkins

Great Great Great grandparents
Henry Jenkins 1758 - & Mary King 1763 - 1860
                                          (Mary King's line traces back to 1390)
Francis Surman  1727 - 1798 & Elizabeth Doney 1744 -1814
                                           (Francis Surman line traces back to 1660)
Thomas Rose abt 1760  & Edith 1761 -
Thomas Lanfire 1741 - 1818  & Isabella Witts 1776 - 1802
              (Lanfier/Lanfire/Lanfear line traces back to 1500 Languedoc, France)

Great Great Grandparents
Robert Jones 1811 - Eleanor Jones 1813 -
Richard Edwards 1800 - & Mary
John Jenkins 1791 -1886     & Charlotte Elizabeth Surman 1789 - 1869
Thomas Dunstan  & Jane Palmer
Henry Rose  1795 -1844  & Sarah Osman 1809 -1884
William Lanfear 1790 -1871 & Sarah Rouse 1776 -1841

Great grandparents
George Moore 1811-1856 & Mary Symmonds (Simmons) 1816 -
Robert Jones 1835 -1919  & Margaret Edwards 1834 -1906
Thomas Perrin Surman Jenkins 1812-1882& Louisa Jane Dunstan 1820 -1895
William Rose 1840 -   & Emily Jane Lanfier (Lanfear) 1841 -

George Alfred Francis Moore 1851 -1926 & Mary Ann Jones 1857-1929
Francis Jenkins 1852 -1887  & Alice Emma Rose 1869- 1947