Ancestry of Osma Lanham
third child of Thomas Stephen Lanham & Isabella Crawford

6 x great grandparents
John Bodenham abt 1610 - & Agnes abt 1615-

5x great grandparents
John Lanham 1624 - Elizabeth 1628 -
William Bodenham 1644 - & Anne Tanner 1650 -

4 x Great grandparents
Thomas Lanham 1654 -1718 & Elizabeth Scaplin 1655 -
Robert Goodwin  abt 1694 - & Anne Smith aft 1703
Henry Loxly 1655 -  & Elizabeth Bodenham 1675 -

Great Great Great grandparents
Samuel Goodwin 1747 - 1777 & Mary Waller abt 1752 - bef 1840
Alexander Munro abt 1751 - & Sarah
James Champion 1741 - & Sarah
William Lanham 1691 - 1768 & Ann Loxly 1697 - 1739
Thomas Bennett 1760- & Elizabeth Dray 1760 -

Great great Grandparents
Andrew Goodwin 1765 - 1858 & Lydia (Letitia) Munro 1767 -1856
William Leviston 1755 -   & Margaret Leslie 1760 -
Thomas Champion  1770 - & Elizabeth Bennett 1779 -
William Lanham 1723 -1782  & Mary Slade 1732 -1782
Great Great Gandparents
Henry Lanham  1760 - 1820  & Amy Sayers 1775 -
William James Leviston 1781 - 1857 
            & Jane Victoria Champion 1794 - 1878
Robert Nathan Williams 1807 -  1876 & Clarissa Bridges 1806 -
Andrew (Goodwin) Gooding 1811 - 1885 
                & Lydia Hynes 1804 - 1858
John Brebner 1785 - & Isabel

Great Grandparents
William Stephen Martin Lanham 1807 - 1889 
                  & Maria Leviston 1823 - 1883
John Williams 1822 - 1908   
   & Elizabeth Anne Gooding 1835 - 1923
Thomas Crawford 1811 - 1896  
         & Elizabeth Smith nee Jones 1827 - 1902
John Brebner Robertson 1815 - 1901
              & Mary Ann Rennie 1830 - 1910

William Stephen S M Lanham  1858 - 1930   &
                                           Elizabeth Susan  Williams 1866 - 1968
John Crawford  1856 - 1940
         & Ann Christina Brebner Robertson 1861 - 1902

parents : Thomas Stephen Lanham & Isabella Crawford

siblings of Osma Lanham
1.Paddy Lanham 30 April 1919
           at   200 York St, Launceston Tasmania Australia                       - 24 Feb 1923 at Launceston Tasmania Australia

2. Ivo "Mick" Lanham
7 Nov 1919 Launceston Tasmania Australia
                  – 26 dec 1976 Launceston Tasmania Australia
                           married: 1951
                              Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                                                  Shirley Milburn
  Mick & Shirley had 4 children,
    Rosemary Joy Medcraft nee Lanham
     (9 jun 1952 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia                                        -9 aug 2009  Launceston, Tasmania, Australia),
                                    David, Ronald & Pauline
                                     11 grandchildren
3 Betty Lanham 
         born: 25 Feb 1924
              at Wellington St., Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
               married 16 Jun 1944
St Johns Anglican Church, Launceston Tasmania Australia
                 Albert John Moore 1919-1987
son of Albert Edward Moore & Rose Elizabeth Jenkins

                    5 Children of Bert Moore & Betty Lanham:
                  Gaele, Christine, Cheryl, Kathryn & Mikael
                10 grandchildren & 10 great grandchildren

4. William Stephen Lanham
18 Feb 1934 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia -
  -    6 Aug 2004 at Campbell Town, Tasmania Australia
              married:  Jan 1962
              Launceston, Tasmania, Australia (divorced)
                                   Rita Fleming
                     only child of Bill & Rita Lanham, Mark
                                          3 grandchildren

     Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery
                                    at Inveresk
           Invermay Road, Launceston Tas 7250

Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery at Royal Park
2 Wellington Street, Launceston Tas 7250

Acquisitions by Queen Victoria Museum & Art gallery

• A four-fold blackwood screen, with four pictorial panels, was painted in 1889 by Launceston artist, Amelia Burrows. This significant work was able to be returned to
Launceston and be acquired by the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery through the generous support
of the Launceston Museum and Art Gallery Foundation.
A talented painter, Amelia Kenworthy was born in Launceston on 10 April 1860. She married
Alfred Edward Burrows on 28 October 1881 and died
in Launceston on 13 March 1927. Amelia was also very well known for her china painting which often featured
local landscapes and Tasmanian flora. This four-fold screen has another important connection to Launceston.
It was exhibited, along with three other screens by the artist, in the Tasmanian International Exhibition held in
the Albert Hall, Launceston in 1891–92. Amelia Burrows received a Highly Commended medal for this screen and for a fire screen, with a small folding screen receiving a Second Award.
The screen is a fine example of the artist’s work. Stylistically, the screen represents the culmination of late Victorian interest in the use of painted decoration in both building interiors & their furnishings. The inclusion of landscape scenes such as the Cataract in 1860,
Rosevears, Mount Barrow, and the Corra Lynn Bridge further strengthens the connections of this work to Launceston and its surrounding environment.
     Family of Claude Victor Kenworthy & Osma Lanham

          Osma Lanham born 24th Feb 1927 Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia
                2nd daughter of Thomas Stephen Lanham & Isabella Crawford
                            2nd April 1947 at Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
       Claude Victor Kenworthy 31 dec 1923 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
                                                    - 7 dec 1991 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
             only child of Victor Earl Kenworthy & Eileen Beryl Maud Chandler

       children of Claude & Osma Kenworthy
Raymond Victor  married:
   (1) Carol Brown
   (2) Yvonne McCellland (2nd marriage
                          -2 daughters, Tracy & Lisa)
                eldest daughter of
  Thomas McClelland & Estelle Bothwell
          Ray & Yvonne had one daughter
                     Nicole Maree

Graham married
        Robyn Cooney
  daughter of Edward & Suzanne Cooney
         Graham and Robyn had two sons,
               Robert & Thomas
    as well as including
        "Charlie" the dog as part of their family

Adele Maree married Chris Styles
         Adele and Chris had two sons,
                    Garth & Mark

Garth Styles married Stacey Ryan
            one daughter Ashlea Maree

Claude & Osma with niece Gaele at football 1948
the footbal referred to is Australian Rules
Osma Kenworthy nee Lanham
         with her 5 grandchildren in 2003
Kenworthy Clan at the wedding of Garth & Stacey in 2006
Osma Kenworthy nee Lanham grandmother of groom
Osma Lanham was the first child born in Adamsfield, Tasmania, Australia on 24 February 1927
Osma was named for the mineral, Osmiridium being mined at the small township which was set, in the now heritage listed south western region of Tasmania.
In this photo Osma is seen with her older sister, Betty, father Tom (in shirt sleeves) & the local policeman. The hut in the photo was one of a few buildings as most of the miners lived in tents. This hut also doubled as the local Post Office managed by Osma's mother, Isabella Lanham nee Crawford. Osma lived here until she was six when the family returned to Launceston and school life.
Osma started school at the Wellington Square State Primary School, the family moved to lefroy where the children attended the local school before Osma gained a scholarship to Launceston High School. She excelled at school as well as in her sporting endeavours.

After, Osma left school she took up a position with Johnstone & Wilmot, grocery wholesalers, cnr Cimitiere St, & St John St. Launceston. The building which housed Johnstone & Wilmot was erected in 1842, and is considered architecturally unique and is one of the city's oldest buildings. Osma continued to work for the firm of Johnstone & Wilmot with breaks into other fields of life, for almost sixty years

On the 2nd April 1947, Osma married her soul mate, Claude Victor Kenworthy, only child of Victor & Eileen Kenworthy.

Mining was in the 'blood' of early pioneers with the Kenworthy family being connected to Waratah through Claude's cousin  Dudley Kenworthy, The Kenworthy Stamper Mill is now a tourist attraction for the Waratah area which holds a reunion day each year on January 26th for the relatives, friends and descendants of residents. The town with its magnificent waterfall - in the main street - was once the richest tin mine in the world.

Kenworthy's Stamper Mill This building houses working machinery used by a local, Dudley Kenworthy, who continued prospecting near Mount Bischoff mine after it closed in the 1940s. Visitors can view the Kenworthy Stamper Mill in operation as it has been restored to full working capacity.  
The story of Waratah:
On December 4, 1871, a prospector, James ‘Philosopher’ Smith, discovered tin at Mount Bischoff.  His discovery triggered a mining boom and the birth of Tasmanian mining.

When the mine closed, in 1935, it had produced 81,000 tonnes of tin and provided a dividend equal to £200 for every £1 initially invested.  At its peak the town, which now has only a few hundred residents, had a population in excess of 5,000.
Waratah remained isolated from the rest of Tasmania until 1963 when a connecting road was finally completed.

The Kenworthy family known as 'the singing Kenworthys" were present at the Launceston exhibition of 1892. A short biography of family members present, including Claude Victor's grandfather and great grandparents, great aunts, Emily & Rosina may be found at:

Robert Kenworthy
3rd of 9 children to Amos Kenworthy & Mary Miller
(great grandfather of Claude Victor)
   born: 5 feb 1819
Westland Mm Washington Pennyslvania USA
married: 1 may 1847
       Hobart, Tasmania,  Australia
                   Anne Sarah Presnell
     died: 29 jul 1892
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

buried with wife Anne Sarah at Charles St Cem.
Anne Sarah Kenworthy nee Presnell
eldest daughter of 7 children to
Abraham Presnell & Anne McGlasken
(great grandmother of Claude Victor)
       born: 3 mar 1827 London, England
                married: 1 may 1847
               Robert Kenworthy
       died: 8 jun 1910
          Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia

buried with Robert at Charles St Cemetery
Ernest McGlashon Kenworthy
youngest child to Robert & Anne
       (grandfather of Claude Victor)
   born: 3 nov 1872
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
   married: 6 aug 1895
Wellington St, Launceston, Tasmania
             Lilian Eleanor Wise
daughter of Balser Wise & Jane Hills
    died: 18 apr 1907
     Wilson Street, Launceston,                                   Tasmania, Australia
more details for the family/families of Robert and Ann Kenworthy may be accessed at: World Connect Project
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Amelia was the 9th child of Robert Kenworthy & Anne Sarah Presnell

a short bio of Amelia's work

Amelia Burrows nee Kenworthy's family on World Connect Project

Claude & Osma Kenworthy were a well known part of the Mowbray community. They owned a grocery store/newsagency in Invermay Rd for many years. Cultural changes in the way local populations "shopped" with the advent of supermarkets caused the closure of the family grocery store business
Ancestry of Claude Victor Kenworthy
only child of Victor Earl & Eileen Beryl Maud Chandler

5x great grandparents
John Kenworthy 1675 - 1699
                         & Rebecca Kenworthy abt 1670 - 1723

4 x great grandparents
Joshua Kenworthy 1702 -1746
                           & Mary Kenworthy 1706 -

Great great great grandaprents
William Kenworthy 1743 -1818
                      & Mary Everett 1749 -
Robert Miller 1757 - 1835
                     & Cassandra Wood 1756 -1818
James Presnell 1778 - 1844
                     & Elizabeth Ann Doughty 1763 -1854

Great great grandparents
Amos Kenworthy 1789 - 1863
                       & Mary Miller 1792 - 1844
Abraham Presnell 1800 -1879
                & Anne McGlasken 1806 -1843
William Hills 1817 -
       & Mary Ann Alpan 1823 -

Great grandparents
Robert Kenworthy 1819 -1982
    &  Anne Sarah Presnell 1827 -1910
Balser Wise 1842 - 1926
                       & Jane Hills 1844 - 1913

Ernest McGlashon Kenworthy  1872 -1907
               & Lilian Eleanor Wise 1872 -1958

Victor Earl 1901-1968
        & Eileen Beryl Maud Chandler 1901 - deceased

Also at the Launceston Exhibition
Kenworthy, Miss Rosina, Launceston.
Hand-painted table top in oils ;
half wreaths of genuine blossoms on a black back ground
Second prize.
Hand-painted door in oils, Tasmanian wild flowers and berries, taken from nature
First prize
source ref: full text of awards

Great Aunt of Claude Victor Kenworthy
                      Rosina Kenworthy
  11th child of Robert & Anne Kenworthy
born; 3 jul 1864
married: 1 jan 1893
Launceston, Tasmania,  Australia
              Robert Brett 1869 - 1922
19 jun 1903 Launceston, Tasmania,  Australia
            Robert & Rosina had 3 children
Great Aunt of
    Claude Victor Kenworthy
        Emily Kenworthy
          3rd child of
Robert & Anne Kenworthy
  born;  14 may 1849
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
    died;  15 dec 1904
Launceston, Tasmania,   Aus
Osma  Kenworthy
          on 27 feb 2007
Osma with eldest son, Ray  and daughter in law, Yvonne
Joan Greer nee Lanham's 80th birthday 19 nov 2007
Osma Kenworthy nee Lanham with her cousins
Alan Stanford Lanham  1932 - and his sister
Joan Elizabeth  Lanham 19 nov 1927 - 16 feb 2008
married: Percy James Greer 6 aug 1924 - 12 sep 2001
        Percy & Joan had 2 children: Lyndyl & Martin

School of Human Life Sciences Taster Day August 2009
On Friday 28 August 2009 the Shool of Human Life Sciences hosted a Health Science Taster Day to 50 Grade 10, 11 and 12 students.
Students chose to attend four out of six workshops held throughout the day with the aim to assist them in future study and career choices

Graham Kenworthy of Launceston General Hospital instructing students on diagnosis of breaks and fractures. (Medical Imaging workshop)
   young Robert & Anne
Latrobe, Tasmania, Australia
photo courtesy Latrobe Museum
Graham as a member of the crew receiving the award for the winner of their division in Darwin to Ambon race. This photo and others from the 2008 racing event may be found on the 2008 Archive pages
The Jasmin, with skipper  Mike O'Keefe first sailed the Darwin to Ambon 600 nautical miles Yacht race in 1988. In the 2008 event the Jasmin with crewmates Graham Kenworthy and Gina Fisher were fifth over the line to win on handicap.
The Jasmin is built from genuine Huon Valley pine, has seen two Sydney to Hoabrt yacht races, circumnavigation of the world, a trip around Tasmania, plus many other blue water events. Graham Kenworthy and Mike O'Keefe have many years of sailing history together having first been 'sail mates' in 1977
Waratah's Athenaeum Hall and Kenowrthy's Stamper Mill