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Families listed in the pages of From Whence We Came, with family ties to Scotland

Brebner                         Gunn                                       Arnott
Crawford                                                                      McLardy
Rennie                                                                         Maxted

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Clan Tartans
Native to Scotland & Ireland, the tartan is a plaid that is specific to a clan, family or district. Though its origins are shrouded in history, it is likely that the clan tartan we know today evolved from the district tartan.

Consider that the local weaver would produce a length of cloth and the residents of that area would all wear the same plaid. Since clans & families also tended to be regional, the tartan would then come to represent the family in that area.

After the rebellion of Charles Edward Stuart, Highland expression and the Tartan in particular was prohibited by law. The growing Highland Regiments were amongst the few allowed to wear it, largely in new patterns.

Clan Septs and Variant Spellings
The following surnames are historically related and may also wear these tartans
Barrie, Bowman, Brebner, Bremner, Christie, Christison, Christy, Coates, Coats, Coutts, Cromar, Farquhar, Ferries, Finalison, Findlay, Findlayson, Finlay, Finlayson, Gracie, Grassich, Grassick, Greusach, Grevsach, Hardie, Hardy, Kellas, Kerracher, Leys, Lyon, Macartney, Maccaig, Maccardney, Maccartney, Maccuaig, Macearachar, Macearacher, Macerchar, Macerracher, Macfarquhar, Macguaig, Machardie, Machardy, Mackerchar, Mackerracher, Mackindlay, Mackinlay, Mackinley, Paterson, Reiach, Reoch, Riach, Tawse
Clan Septs and Variant Spellings
The following surnames are historically related and may also wear these tartans
Crafford, Crafoard, Crafoord, Craford, Crafort, Crafuirde, Crafurd, Crauffurd, Craufoord, Crauford, Crauforth, Craufurd, Craufurde, Craunford, Craweford, Crawfaird, Crawfeurd, Crawffurd, Crawfurd, Crouford, Krauford
Brebner Tartan from Clan Farquharson
as worn in 1842
Fide et fortitudine     By fidelity and fortitude
Crawford Tartan and Motto
Fide et diligentia   (Faith and diligence)
Clan Septs and Variant Spellings
The following surnames are historically related and may also wear these tartans
Coalyear, Coilzear, Colliar, Collier, Collyar, Colyear, Colyeer, Colyer, Colzear, Conachar, Conacher, Concher, Connachar, Connacher, Connochie, Connoquhie, Conochie, Coolyear, Cunnison, Dobbie, Dobbin, Dobie, Dobieson, Dobinson, Dobson, Donachie, Donaghy, Donnachie, Donnaghy, Donnchad, Donnchadh, Donnchaidh, Duncan, Duncane, Duncaneson, Duncanson, Duncanus, Dunchad, Dunckane, Dunckiesone, Dundas, Dundass, Dunecan, Dunecanus, Dunkan, Dunkane, Dunkanson, Dunkansoun, Dunkeson, Dunkesone, Dunkesoun, Dunkinssone, Dunkysoun, Dunnachie, Euer, Evar, Evir, Ewar, Ewer, Ewers, Farlastone, Galashan, Glashan, Glashen, Glashin, Hobson, Inches, Ivar, Iver, Iverson, Ivirach, Ivor, Ivory, Iwur, Kindeace, Kynoch, Macaver, Macchonachy, Macclachan, Macclachane, Macclagan, Macclagane, Macclagnan, Macclathan, Macclaugan, Macconacher, Macconachie, Macconachy, Macconaghy, Macconche, Macconcher, Macconchie, Macconchy, Maccondach, Maccondachie, Maccondachy, Maccondochie, Maccondoquhy, Macconechie, Macconechy, Macconich, Macconiquhy, Macconkey, Macconnacher, Macconnachie, Macconnaghy, Macconnchye, Macconnechie, Macconnechy, Macconnichie, Macconnochie, Macconnoquhy, Macconnquhy, Macconochey, Macconochie, Macconoughey, Macconquhar, Macconquhie, Macconquhy, Macconquy, Maccowir, Maccrobert, Maccrobie, Maccuir, Macculloch, Maccuoch, Maccur, Maccure, Macdhonchaidh, Macdhonnachie, Macdonach, Macdonachie, Macdonachy, Macdonagh, Macdonchy, Macdonnach, Macdonnchaidh, Macdonochie, Macdonough, Macdonquhy, Macdouagh, Macduncan, Maceiver, Maceuer, Maceuir, Maceur, Maceure, Macevar, Macever, Macewer, Macewir, Macewyre, Macgeever, Macgilleglash, Macgiver, Macglagan, Macglashan, Macglashen, Macglashin, Macglassan, Macglassin, Macglasson, Machamish, Machenish, Machonichy, Macilglegane, Macilleglass, Macinechy, Macinroy, Macivar, Maciver, Maciverach, Macivirach, Macivor, Macjames, Macjamis, Mackames, Mackchonchie, Mackeamish, Mackeaver, Mackeever, Mackeevor, Mackeiver, Mackeur, Mackever, Mackevor, Mackevors, Mackewer, Mackewyr, Mackglesson, Mackhonachy, Mackiver, Mackivers, Mackivirrich, Mackjames, Macklagan, Mackondachy, Mackonochie, Mackuir, Mackunuchie, Mackure, Maclachan, Maclagain, Maclagan, Maclagane, Maclagen, Maclaggan, Maclaggen, Maclagine, Maclaglan, Maclaglen, Maclagone, Maclaughan, Maclglesson, Maclugane, Maconachie, Maconachy, Maconchie, Macondochie, Macondoquhy, Maconechy, Maconochie, Maconohie, Macrob, Macrobb, Macrobbie, Macrobe, Macrobert, Macroberts, Macrobi, Macrobie, Macrobin, Macrypert, Macuir, Macure, Macwilliams, Macyuir, Makchonachy, Makclaggan, Makconchie, Makconoch, Makcure, Makeanroy, Makewer, Makiver, Makonoquhy, Makrob, Makrobert, Makroby, Orr, Orre, Oure, Rabbe, Read, Reade, Red, Rede, Reed, Reede, Reid, Reide, Reyd, Rid, Ride, Rob, Robb, Robbie, Robe, Roberson, Roberts, Robeson, Robesoun, Robie, Robison, Robisone, Robson, Robsone, Roby, Robye, Roy, Roye, Ruadh, Skene, Stark, Starke, Sterk, Stirk, Struan, Tonnoch, Tonnochy, Ure, Urie, Urri, Urrie, Urry, Vconchie, Yvar, Yvir, Ywar
Robertson Tartan - 1842
Robertson Dress Tartan
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